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Where Should I Start?

Question: I see that you offer a lot of different materials, but I don't know what item I should start with first? 

Scott recommends that most people start with one of the "Starter Sets" below. We have two available— one for "former youths" like most of us and one for children. Scott selected the items in these sets to be a great introduction and entryway into beginning to play the piano "The Piano Guy" way. Which one is best for you depends on whether you are an adult (not that you have to act like one ...) or a little kid. (By "kid" we're talking about children from the 7-8ish up to 12-13ish range.)

Both these sets are perfect for a range of folks–starting with someone who has never touched a piano to someone who has played as a child but hasn't since then, all the way to anyone who has played piano but is brand new to our non-classical approach using chords and lead sheets.

So, if you are ready to start playing and having fun at the same time order one or both of these sets today at a savings over individual retail prices! Just click on the image to go directly to that product for more detailed info.



The Piano Guys Kids Starter Set