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Why what we do is so different and successful . . .

You've found Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston on the web: Master Educator, 6-Time Emmy Award Winning Public Television Host, Best Selling Author, and Piano Teacher for the rest of us!

Whether you arrived here from a simple piano web search, the recommendation of a piano student of ours, or from seeing Scott in any of his myriad television shows and specials on Public Television and elsewhere, get ready to knock playing piano off your "bucket list."

How is this different from other piano instruction? Our materials differ from others out there in that we teach a chord style approach to playing piano by teaching you how to read lead sheets, which is the type of notation that the vast majority of professional players use when playing any style of music with the exception of classical music.

Will it work for Me? For over 25 + years now, the continued testimonials we receive are, for us, truly “where the rubber meets the road” as far as our authenticity is concerned. Feel free to read our testimonials to see how others feel about the program.

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Thousands of customers out there are having a lot of success with the program. The great news is YOU are next!

Squarely aimed at authentic, chord-based, non-classical piano instruction appropriate for all pop/jazz/standards/gospel styles of piano playing, Scott teaches key musical concepts with a fun approach emphasizing how to play piano in the quickest and easiest (yet musically correct) way possible. Scott's methods show you how to play popular piano songs like the pros, without years of learning complicated classical styles and reading traditional sheet music!

  • Have you ever taken piano lessons in the past, but got nowhere and quit?
  • Did you try to play piano before but were stumped because you could never read sheet music well enough?
  • Would you like to stop dusting and start playing that big piece of furniture in your house?
  • Would you love to come home and pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee and just sit down and play some tunes you love?
  • Would you like to be able to play a few Christmas carols around the holiday season?

If any of those questions kind of "poked you in the ribs," then have faith–you've found what you are looking for.

To be clear: If you are looking for training to become a good classical piano player (which is a VERY cool thing to be able to do, and we encourage you to try if you are interested!) this IS NOT what you are looking for. We focus exclusively on playing all non-classical styles.

However, if you are simply looking to knock a lifelong dream off your list by being able to sit down and have fun playing tunes you love for the rest of your life, Scott's your (piano) guy ...  Just ask any of the tens of thousands (literally!) of people who now call themselves piano players having learned to play with Scott's method and materials.

We are proud to say that we have been in business for 25 + years successfully helping people learn to make music through our products offered online. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA, we would love to have you as our newest Piano in a Flash student!

Go here to get started:

Remember–You CAN play piano, and it's NEVER too late to start ... Have fun!