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Piano in a Flash Online Lessons vs DVD Instructional Video

Which is best for you?

Hi! Scott here ...

After 25 + years creating instructional content and working with thousands of students who simply want to learn how to have fun playing great tunes they know and love on a piano or keyboard, I am confident without a doubt, the best way to learn for the majority of people is through our Piano in a Flash Online Method. I will explain why in a minute …

Let me take a step backwards first to explain that I teach the same basic philosophy and technique in EVERYTHING that I have ever created instruction-wise, but I have gotten a lot better at teaching over the years, so my most recent online method is by far the best and most effective method.

We do however for a limited time, still offer other instruction that we call “Home Study.” Basically, this video instruction (independent, how-to DVD kits and numerous independent, video titles) was material created over the past several years. We are now selling off the remainder of our How-to-Play-Piano kit stock at clearance prices.

“Why” you ask? We are getting rid of the old video instruction because as good as our DVD video instruction was, our Piano in a Flash Online Method is far superior for many reasons, which I will explain in a minute.

So, again, if you are looking for a specific video title you have enjoyed in the past, you can still get it—click here.

The best way to experience why our online piano method is so successful (without having to make a commitment), is to go to where you will find my integrated online lesson program, which you can try for free!

My linear 6 Course Method includes easy interactive video lessons & exercises, personalized feedback, and hard copy method books you can work through right along with me as your teacher/coach.

It is perfect for those looking for more than my home study materials. It is a complete method consisting of 6 expansive courses that will start at the very beginning in Course 1 by exposing you to the techniques and skills that a beginning "chord-style" player needs in order to build a strong foundation. The method then works you through increasingly more advanced lessons and exercises that expose you to skills and techniques needed by more competent players.

It differs from all of my previous products by providing very methodical baby steps and comprehensive exercises tied to all instruction. If you want or need some hand holding, this is the method for you. None of the video instruction in the Online Method is a repeat of any video already produced before. In other words, all the video instruction in our online method is unique and was created exclusively for the online method.

Students rave that as opposed to traditional private lessons, they get to choose the time, day, place and amount of time to spend on each lesson or exercise, and it does not need to stay the same week to week. Questions are not a problem either—if you have one, you can submit it to me through the feedback built into EVERY page of the classroom environment, and we’ll respond quickly (even with a customized video response if necessary!) to answer your question and to ensure that you keep making steady forward progress. It does require online access, as the video lessons and video exercises are streamed to your device (laptop, ipad or computer).

To check out The Piano in a Flash Online Method now, click here.

Even if I could clone myself and offer live weekly private lessons all around the world, I truly feel the integration of online video, with real world method and song books, and personalized feedback this environment offers is a superior (not to mention more convenient) more equitable approach. It's 100% student-centric vs. teacher-centric.

As I mentioned earlier, all our products have the shared end goal of getting you playing your favorite tunes on piano as quickly as possible. However, if you are the type needing a little more "hand-holding" than my home study material can provide, I’m proud to say that my Piano in a Flash Online environment is the most advanced lesson format I’ve ever offered. It also comes with a 30-day, money back offer included, so that you have nothing to lose and so much fun to gain!

Again, you can experience the online lesson environment for free by clicking below:

The important thing to note is this: All of my instruction is aimed squarely at authentic, chord-based, non-classical instruction appropriate for all pop/jazz/standards/gospel styles of playing. I teach key musical concepts with a fun approach emphasizing how to play piano in the quickest and easiest (yet musically correct!) way possible. My methods show you how to play popular tunes like the pros, without years of learning complicated classical styles and without reading traditional sheet music!

So in summary, the online method differs from any of my other products in that it provides methodical baby steps and comprehensive exercises tied to all instruction, it is delivered online, and is an entire piano method. If you want or need some hand holding, this is probably the best choice for you.

We stand behind all our products. Choose the one that seems to meld best with your learning style and needs.

Remember no matter which instruction mode you choose—You CAN play piano, and it's NEVER too late to start—Have fun!

Warm regards,