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Warranty for Play Piano in a Flash 1-on-1 DVD set sold as a Living Social Deal

Please note:

  • All DVD’s are individually Inspected Prior to Shipping
  • All DVD’s are shipped 100% smudge and scratch free.
  • Fingerprints and scratches will degrade the content stored on the disc and make it difficult for the player to read it properly. It is therefore, the customer’s responsibility to protect their investment by properly caring for their DVD.

Warranty: Houston Enterprises warrants all of our DVDs sold through Living Social for a period of 30 days, with the period beginning on the date the DVD was originally shipped. Should any DVD be deemed defective within the warranty period, Houston Enterprises will replace the DVD. Please contact for any needed assistance if a DVD is found to be defective. You will be given specific  exchange instructions with 2 business days of  receipt of email.

Any item or defective DVD  returned to us unannounced and/or more than 30 days after our ship date will not receive a refund or exchange and will not be returned to you.

Click to download a copy of Warranty.