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Piano Chords - Chord Finders

If you came here looking for the keyboard chord finder (produced by Snarling Dogs) described in the Play Piano in a Flashbook, it is no longer being manufactured. We can save you a lot of time hunting for it somewhere else—no one is making it anymore.The book below provides the same information that the chord finder provided. It actually offers diagrams to more chords than the electronic chord finder had … The chord book has chord diagrams for you to use to help you figure out the notes that need to be played for the chords that you do not already know when playing songs from lead sheets. You will see a colored image of a keyboard and using dots on specific keys, they will show you where to place your fingers to play the chord.

If you want to purchase the chord book, simply click on the book's image below. It will take you directly to a page on Amazon where you can purchase the chord diagram book.



I Can Play Music: Complete Keyboard Chords