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Play Piano in a Flash 1-on-1 Series 12 DVD Set

Play Piano in a Flash 1-on-1 Series 12 DVD Set

$ 59.95 $ 100.00

Have you always wanted to play piano but found regular lessons too intimidating? In this exclusive box set, you'll learn Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston's simple method to get you playing piano like a pro fast! Scott Houston, the Pianist, author and multiple Emmy Award-winning host of the public television series, The Piano Guy, has taught millions of people to play the piano with his popular public television program. Now, it's your turn! 

  • 12-DVD Set for Beginner to Advanced Players Companion to the Play Piano in a FLASH! on 12-DVD Set
  • Fun and Easy-to-Follow Video Instruction
  • Start Playing 10 Favorite Popular Songs Right Now
  • 22+ Hours of Learning
  • How to make each song your own

Learn how Scott Houston's method for piano works in Play Piano in a FLASH!, and then learn to play the included songs right away using the popular 1-on-1 Series. Over 22 hours of lessons included! His instructions are easy enough for beginners, but intermediate and advanced tips and tricks are also included. Once you learn the basic melody and chords, you'll also be able to put your own unique spin on the tunes!

  • Step-by-Step video instruction with a teacher by your side
  • Play the non-classical songs you love to listen to 
  • Learn quickly using fun and easy techniques
  • How to make your playing sound more professional 
  • Beginner to advanced instruction
  • Tips and tricks to help make each tune your own
  • Learn to read lead sheets using the absolute minimum of note reading 
  • Includes audio tracks so you can play along with a rhythm section-bass and drums

    How to get started learning how to play songs you love:

1.  Watch the pledge special: Play Piano in a Flash to gain an overview of the basic steps needed to enable you to play a favorite song from a lead sheet with two hands. 

2.  Then you are ready for some private lessons from Scott using 7 great DVD’s from The Piano Guy 1-on1 Series. 

These 7 DVDs include links so that you can print the lead sheets (sheet music) and chord charts to the songs using your computer and printer. Learn to play the following songs using Scott Houston's popular 1-on-1 Series:

  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco
  • Stardust
  • 100 Years
  • Amazing Grace
  • Autumn Leaves
  • In a Sentimental Mood
  • Don't Know Why

Follow Scott chapter by chapter as he starts at the very beginning of the tune and works his way up, teaching you to play the song like you really are dying to sound!

These teaching videos are great for beginners and more advanced players alike as they allow learners to spend as little or as much time needed to get the information in each chapter “underhand” before progressing to the next chapter. All techniques learned can be added to your “piano playing bag of tricks” to be used later with other favorite songs!

You can watch them in any order. We suggest you start with the tunes that you know the best.

Each lesson includes direct video instruction from Scott, plus lead sheets and more! Working step by step, chapter by chapter, Scott will teach you what you need to know to be able to proudly sit down and play it like a pro! With his hands on the piano while following the highlighted measures on the lead sheet to really gain an understanding of what's being taught at all times. Each lesson includes: Direct step-by-step video instruction by Scott Houston Printable lead sheets to use during your lesson Audio tracks so you can play along with professional musicians.

3.  When you feel comfortable using the basic process of playing a tune using a lead sheet and want more ideas you can incorporate to make your playing sound more professional, watch any of the following in any order:

The Piano Guy: Tips, Cheap Tricks & Professional Secrets Vol. 1-4 – These 4 DVD’s are great because not only do you get awesome tips from Scott, but you can also get to hear from a variety of other talented, professional piano players.

    Each volume includes over 2 Hours of selected segments from the public television series, "The Piano Guy with Scott Houston" including mini-lessons and interviews with musical guests sharing their "Secrets of the Pros."

    Vol. 1 includes the following segments:

    • Interpreting Lead Sheets
    • Using the Blues Scale to Improvise
    • "Yesterday" Guest pianist: Dave Powers
    • Using the Root, 5th and 10th as a Left Hand Pattern
    • "As Time Goes By" Guest pianist: Jack Widner
    • Building Chords from Scratch
    • "Amazing Grace" Guest pianists: Arnett Howard, Bradley Sowash
    • Playing the Melody in Octaves
    • Boogie Woogie Guest pianist: Happy Chichester
    • Substituting a Major 7th Chord for a Major Chord
    • "The Rose" Guest pianist: Mary Daniels
    • Interpreting Chord Symbol Extensions

    Vol. 2 includes the following segments:

    • Playing Kid Tunes
    • The Blues Guest pianist: Bradley Sowash
    • Rolling Chords
    • "Moon River" Guest pianist: Jack Widner
    • Walking Bass Lines with the Left Hand
    • Rockabilly Guest pianist: Casey McKeown
    • Playing the Root then the Chord with the Left Hand
    • "Bye Bye Blackbird" Guest pianist: Arnett Howard
    • Endings
    • "The Christmas Song" Guest pianist: Dave Powers
    • Using Chord Inversions
    • Reading Lead Sheets

    Vol. 3 includes the following segments:

    • An Intro, Vamp & Pedal Tones (Scott Houston)
    • "New York, New York" (Guest Artist: Dave Powers)
    • No Boring Left Hands (Scott Houston)
    • Blues Walk Down (Scott Houston)
    • "Imagine" (Guest Artist: Mary Daniels)
    • New Age Music (Scott Houston)
    • A Vamp For Latin Tunes (Scott Houston)
    • Comping (Scott Houston)
    • "Sweet Home Alabama" (Guest Artist: Pete Moran)
    • "Slipping" Into A Chord (Scott Houston)
    • "The Entertainer" (Scott Houston)
    • A Fun Way To Practice (Scott Houston)
    • "Mack The Knife" (Guest Artist: Andy Launer)
    • "Beer Barrel Polka" (Guest Artist: Dave Powers)
    • A Beautiful Ballad Ending (Scott Houston)

     Vol. 4 includes the following segments:

    • Sliding (Scott Houston)
    • What Is A Fake Book? (Scott Houston)
    • "Your Song" (Guest Artist: Nat Kerr)
    • "You Are My Sunshine" (Scott Houston)
    • "It Had To Be You" (Guest Artist: Andy Launer)
    • No Wrong Notes (Scott Houston)
    • "Fly Me To The Moon" (Guest Artist: Dave Powers)
    • "Scarborough Fair" (Scott Houston)
    • Make Basic Chords Interesting (Scott Houston)
    • "Don't Know Why" (Guest Artist: Mary Daniels)
    • Changing Tempo For The Intro (Scott Houston)
    • "Have A Little Faith In Me" (Guest Artist: Jeff DeHerdt)
    • "Louie, Louie" (Scott Houston)
    • 14, "A Thousand Miles" (Guest Artist: David Tolley)
    • A Barn Burner Ending (Scott Houston)

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