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Play Piano in a Flash Book Examples CD

Play Piano in a Flash Book Examples CD

$ 9.95 $ 14.95

On this audio CD, Scott verbally describes, then plays in context, each of the 25 examples found in his book by the same title. It is a great way to actually hear the examples played after reading about them in the book. Although the examples are available on-line by going to the web addresses listed in the book after each example, many like having the audio examples on a CD as an additional listening option.

This CD contains the following audio examples:

1. Rolled Chords
2. Multiple Chords
3. Rhythmic Pattern for Chords
4. Root First, Then Rest of Chords
5. Root Octave Down
6. Root Alone
7. Root & Fifth
8. Arpeggios
9. Melody Line in Octaves
10. Filling in Other Chord Tones
11. Playing the Melody Line Up an Octave
12. Two or Three Note "Run Up"
13. Playing Chords in Empty Spots
14. Blues Example #1
15. Blues Example #2
16. Blues Example #3
17. Blues Example #4
18. Blues Example #5
19. Blues Example #6
20. Blues Example #7
21. Blues Example #8
22. Blues Example #9
23. Comping Example #1
24. Comping Example #2
25. Comping Example #3

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