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Chordwand Piano Chord Finder

Chordwand Piano Chord Finder

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This chord finder is a VERY clever and handy way to learn any new piano chords you don't yet know. Leave it at your piano and you'll never have to look elsewhere to learn new piano chords again!

It replaces and serves the same purpose as the electronic keyboard chord finder (that is referred to in Scott's Play Piano in a Flash book) which is no longer being manufactured.

The ChordWand piano chord finder gives you a fast and very graphical way to learn what particular notes are in the piano chords for the songs you are learning. It's very user-friendly, as it takes no batteries, and you literally place it right on your keyboard to have it show you what notes are in your piano chords. You simply align the ruler with whatever the root note is in your chord, then let it show you the remaining notes in whatever chord you are trying to look up. Although not needed as it is simple to use, there are VERY detailed instructions that come along with it.

Beyond the simpler 3 and 4 note chords, the chordwand can also show you almost any crazy alteration you will ever come across. I'd be shocked if you ever found a chord symbol that this couldn't help you with. It's deceptively simple design masks the huge amount of help it will provide you forever and ever as you continue on in your knowledge of chords and chord symbols.

  • Never have to look elsewhere to learn piano chords again!
  • No batteries - nothing to ever break.
  • Detailed instructions included


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