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Scott Houston here ...

I'd love to invite you to sign up for my FREE "Piano Notes" newsletter!

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As you probably already know, I'm all about teaching folks how to have some fun on their pianos. Our newsletter will help you do just that; show you how to have more fun playing your favorite songs on piano!

The newsletters are generally sent out once a month and usually contain a great new tip for taking your playing to the next level. As a thank you to subscribers, I ordinarily include a coupon redeemable in our web store for great savings on featured products as well. 

As a thank you, once you sign up we'll automatically send you two FREE subscriber gifts.

1) The first one is for you ABSOLUTE beginners. It is a guide containing everything you need to know about basic note reading, so you can start having some fun playing piano in our style as soon as possible.

2) The second gift is for beginners and "not-so-much-beginners" as well. You'll receive free access to one of the online audio piano tips from my book Play Piano in a Flash!

The information on receiving the gifts will come in 2 separate emails. You'll receive the first gift in an email arriving almost immediately upon signing up. You'll receive the second gift a couple of days later.

Your first actual newsletter will be emailed to you sometime within the next 30 days or so.

For your peace of mind and protection know that we NEVER sell or loan email addresses or any other private info, so please don't be concerned about that ...

To avoid any possible confusion, please also know that subscribing to the "Piano Notes" newsletter is completely separate from our online store's database or our online lessons. Your subscription information will not be stored in the online store and will only be used for sending your monthly newsletter.

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