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Sacred & Inspirational Piano DVD Downloads

Click here to access lead sheets for the songs used in this DVD.

The file is in the .pdf format, which will allow you to open and print the file no matter what computer or operating system you might be using.

A few technical notes should you have any problems ...

If you click on a link and it does not appear in your web browser correctly after a few seconds it means that you don't have a plug-in installed that reads pdf files from within your browser. No problem ... In that case, download the file to your hard drive by control+clicking (Mac) or right clicking (windows) the link. Once the contextual menu appears, choose the command that says something like "Save File to Disk" or "Download Link to Disk" depending on your particular browser. Note where you are saving the file; then open it using Acrobat Reader as opposed to your browser. You can then print it out from there. You are good to go!