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Graphics and Chord Charts from Play Piano in A Flash TV Show and DVD

For your convenience, here are links to graphics shown on the TV show available for download. They are all .pdf files for easy and consistent viewing and/or printing.
Chord Charts

Please find below links to chord charts for the 3 most basic chord types.

Don't forget that, for example, a D-sharp is the same thing as an E-flat! Just for ease of typing and consistency we've used sharps for all the names. If you're looking for a flat, just figure out its equivalent sharp name...


A much easier, convenient, faster, and more thorough way to look up chords is with some sort of chord finder. You will also benefit by having access to many more chord types that you will probably start running into as you start playing more interesting tunes.

You can find out more about different types of chord finders by clicking here .

Graphics used in Play Piano in a Flash! PBS Special and DVD