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Play Piano in a Flash Book & Examples Audio CD Set

Play Piano in a Flash Book & Examples Audio CD Set

$ 18.95 $ 23.95

This bundle is a less expensive way to acquire two products, the best selling Play Piano in a Flash! Book and the accompanying examples audio CD at the same time.

They really go hand in hand. The audio CD really brings to life the 25 examples in the book. See below for more details.

Play Piano in a Flash! Book: For less than the cost of one private piano lesson, this book will provide readers with years of musical enjoyment. If truth be known, there is another way to learn how to play piano rather than going through years of traditional lessons and spending thousands of dollars in the process.

The secret is learning to play the way the pros play. Learning to play in this style is enormously simpler than traditional classical piano lessons. Even better, it takes an absolute minimum amount of note reading ability.

Best of all, your tour guide for this adventure, Scott Houston, forces you to have fun along the way!

Is this book going to prepare the reader for a career as a concert pianist? Absolutely not!

However, if you simply want to play some piano for the simple goal of enjoying yourself, then get ready to knock a lifelong dream from your "to-do" list. Have fun!

Audio CD: Scott verbally describes, then plays in context, each of the 25 examples found in his book. It is a great way to actually hear the examples played after reading about them in the book.

Although the examples are available on-line by going to the web addresses listed in the book after each example, most people prefer having them on a CD for more convenient listening options.

This CD contains the following audio examples:

1. Rolled Chords
2. Multiple Chords
3. Rhythmic Pattern for Chords
4. Root First, Then Rest of Chords
5. Root Octave Down
6. Root Alone
7. Root & Fifth
8. Arpeggios
9. Melody Line in Octaves
10. Filling in Other Chord Tones
11. Playing the Melody Line Up an Octave
12. Two or Three Note "Run Up"
13. Playing Chords in Empty Spots
14. Blues Example #1
15. Blues Example #2
16. Blues Example #3
17. Blues Example #4
18. Blues Example #5
19. Blues Example #6
20. Blues Example #7
21. Blues Example #8
22. Blues Example #9
23. Comping Example #1
24. Comping Example #2
25. Comping Example #3

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