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Next Step Book and Examples Audio CD Set

Next Step Book and Examples Audio CD Set

$ 29.95 $ 34.95

This bundle is a less expensive way to acquire 2 piano products, The Next Step book and its accompanying Audio CD at one special price.

The Next Step Audio CD: contains all the examples in the book. There are 50 examples on this CD and they are numbered with the page number that they appear on.

The Next Step Book: Finally, a follow up to the original Play Piano in a Flash book!

Piano Players ...

  • Do you feel like an impostor when asked to "fill-in" music?
  • Does the idea of improvisation make you shiver?
  • Have you always wanted to play by ear?
  • Are you bored with classical music and yearning to play something jazzy?
  • Have you read Play Piano in a Flash! and are ready for more?

Piano Teachers ...

  • Do you wonder how to guide creative students who tend to "improve" written music to fit their taste?
  • Do you have students who want to try out non-traditional musical styles?
  • Are you having trouble finding simple and clear jazz educational resources oriented to early-intermediate piano students?

In this book, you will learn how to:

  1. Read a lead sheet as found in fake books.
  2. Interpret chord symbols and position them on the piano.
  3. Play style specific left-hand self-accompaniment patterns.
  4. Generate right-hand spontaneous melodies that fit with left-hand chords or patterns.
  5. Play introductions, endings and turnarounds to create full arrangements of your favorite songs.

This book uses a fun and creative approach to piano playing. Using everyday language and down-to-earth examples, Scott and Bradley guide you through the more practical side of chords, scales and rhythms. The best part is that everything is presented in context with one goal in mind-getting you to play better, sound more authentic when playing non-classical styles, and have more fun than you ever thought possible on a piano or keyboard!

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