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Max Impact in Minimum Time! Scott Houston The Piano Guy

Max Impact in Minimum Time! Scott Houston The Piano Guy

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Over 30 mini-lessons to jump start your piano playing in all non-classical styles!

Running time: 2 hours

In over 180, 30-minute episodes of my TV series "The Piano Guy," we have covered a myriad of different styles, worked through hundreds of songs, and have had conversations with many fine piano players as they share tips they personally use when out working gigs in the real world. The segments our viewers seem to love the most are often the shortest, most concise clips from the show. We refer to these internally as "mini-lessons."

As I prepare to shoot these quick little segments, I imagine the viewer sitting right next to me on the piano bench as I chat. "Hey, check this out! Let me show you this really quickly!" The goal is always to leave the viewer with at least one nugget of information they can file away to help their piano playing in the future.

After many requests, we've finally produced a collection of over 30 of these "nuggets" on one DVD. I'm confident you will be thrilled to add these valuable tips to your piano playing bag of tricks.

The DVD has chapter markers for each of the individual segments for easy navigation from your DVD player.


Segments 1 - 11

Scott's Welcome
Easy Ending
Sound Hipper
Root the Chord
Melody in Octaves
Easy Intro
Slash Chords
Minor Blues
Beginning Improve Tip
Improv on Black Notes
Tip for Gospel Tunes
Explaining Comping

Segments 12 - 22
Playing by Ear
LH Blues Patterns
A Bossa Rhythm
Country Slide Lick
Solo vs. Accomp.
Whole vs. Half Steps
Embellish w/Chord Tones
Split a Digital Piano
A "Barn Burner" Ending
Ending with a 6 - 9

Chord Segments 23 - 33
Neat Stylistic Ending
Curving your Fingers
Sliding into a note
Rolling Chords
Pedal Tone
Practicing Slowly
Walking Bass Lines
Blues Chords Variation
"Numbering" Chords

Check out the video to see what this DVD is all about:


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