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Blow Out Specials!

When deciding which set is best for you, keep in mind that all of our products have the shared end goal of getting you playing your favorite tunes on the piano as quickly as possible. All of the kits below will accomplish that goal, so choose the kit that contains the most songs you know and love.

If you are purchasing more than one kit for the same person, be aware that there is some overlap between them. Make your choices mindfully.

These sets won't last long—once they are gone, that is it, so enjoy it while you can ... If you want to know the main difference between the two sets, scroll down to the * below.

Have fun!

The Piano Guy Team

*Let me begin by saying that you can't go wrong with either of the sets. Both will get you started playing piano—as that is the goal of all our materials. Both teach a chord style approach to learning how to play non-classical music.

Play Piano in a Flash 1-on-1 Series 11 DVD set (with the girl on the cover) contains 10 DVDs from our 1-on-1 Series and the introductory DVD Play Piano in a Flash. The 1-on-1 Series DVDs teach only the techniques that you need to know to play one particular song extremely well, but then the extra bonus is that you can apply many of the techniques you just learned to any of your other favorite tunes in the same genre. Each of these DVDs also allows you to print out a lead sheet(s) and chord charts showing keyboard diagrams for your left-hand part. These teaching videos are great for beginners and more advanced players alike as they allow learners to spend as little or as much time needed to get the info in each chapter “underhand” before progressing to the next chapter.

You will be able to see Scott’s hands clearly as he works through different techniques using a different song per each 1on1 title.

In contrast, The Play Piano in a Flash 1-on-1 Series 12 DVD set contains 2 Introductory DVD’s, (7) 1-on-1 Series DVDs and 4 DVDs from The Piano Guy: Tips, Cheap Tricks & Professional Secrets Series. These 4 dvds are appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced players. These 4 DVD’s are great because not only do you get awesome tips from Scott, but you can also get to hear from a variety of other talented, professional piano players.

Each volume includes over 2 Hours of selected segments from the public television series, "The Piano Guy with Scott Houston" including mini-lessons and interviews with musical guests sharing their "Secrets of the Pros."

Click on an individual kit below to see more details regarding the included DVDs.