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Fake Books - Other

Scroll below to see some other great fake books Scott recommends and uses, but didn't produce himself. 

What is a fake book you ask?

A fake book is simply a collection of lead sheets.

A lead sheet is a particular type of music notation where the left-hand part is represented by chord symbols (opposed to traditional sheet notation which uses the bass clef) and the right-hand part is shown notated in the treble clef, one note at a time.

Most of these fake books contain the lyrics to the songs (The Real Books does NOT) as well as the treble clef and chords above each measure of the tune. Simply click on the image of the product to see a detailed description. You can check out the books before committing to buying them.

If this is your first fake book, we strongly recommend starting with one of Scott's fake books instead. Click below to see those.

 Click Here for Piano Guy Fake Books

If this is not your first fake book, and you would like to see a list of fake books recommended and used by Scott, scroll below. Any of these fake books can be purchased by clicking on the image of the product, which will take you directly to Amazon where you can check out the product details, pricing, song list and/or buy the fake book whenever you are ready.

The Ultimate Fake Book


The Blues Fake Book



Just Standards Real Book


Just Classic Rock Real Book


The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book


Early Rock'N'Roll Era Fake Book 


The Ultimate Christmas Fake Book


The Ultimate Country Fake Book


The Hymn Fake Book 


Best of Contemporary Christian Fake Book


The Praise & Worship Fake Book


Gospel Fake Book


Latin Fake Book


The New Broadway Fake Book


*These last 2 fake books (The Real Books)  do NOT contain lyrics.

The Real Book


The Real Book - Volume II

Easy Fake Books

The following fakebooks are all in the "Easy" category. These fake books feature larger notation, simplified harmonies and melodies, and all songs in the key of C. 

Easy Broadway Fake Book


The Easy 3-Chord Fake Book


Easy Disney Fake Book


Easy Beatles Fake Book


More Coming Soon ...