Where Do I Start?

How and Where To Get Started Using Scott Houston's Materials

Where do I start? I see that you offer a lot of different materials, but I don't know what item I should start with first?

Scott recommends that most of you start with the "The Starter Bundle." This bundle is a great way to begin to play the piano "The Piano Guy Way." It is perfect for a widerange of folks starting with someone who has never touched a piano, to someone who has played as a child but hasn't since then, all the way to anyone who has played piano but is brand new to a approach. So, if you are ready to start playing and having fun at the same time order this bundle today at a significant savings over individual retail prices!

To purchase the Level 1 Starter Bundle, simply
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Here's what's in this bundle:

Play Piano in a Flash! Book: Play Your Favorite Songs Like a Pro Whether You've Had Lessons or Not!
Paperback book. 144 pages.

Scott The Piano Guy Favorites and Holiday Songs Fake Book: This is a fake book containing 95 songs that Scott developed specifically as the result of feedback from students and viewers of his TV shows. It was designed from the ground up to be a perfect fit with people who have watched Scott's workshops or television show.

It not only has GREAT piano tunes in it, but it also has chord diagrams for every chord used in a tune right at the top of each page (for the left hand part)!

At the beginning of every new tune there are two sets of chord diagrams, one basic, one more advanced, that show you exactly what notes are in each chord used in the tune. The more advanced charts show you commonly used substitutions that pros use to sound a little hipper rather than playing the basic chords.
It is a terrific educational tool to get you from "A to B" in a logical manner. It is something that makes this book truly unique compared to all other fakebooks.

With 95 of the best tunes pianists play on a regular basis and the larger music engraving that makes it easier to read, Scott recommends this book as a "staple" for anyones music library.

Oh, and one last thing... every tune is in the key of C! That makes things even easier because you'll tend to use many of the same chords over and over which really builds confidence in a hurry.

In summary, here are the main features:
- 95 tunes (with lyrics included)
- great standards and some holiday songs
- large engraving for easier reading
- basic and more advanced chord charts on every page on which a new tune starts
- all tunes in the key of C

(Click here for a complete song list)

Just for Fun Audio CD: One of the best ways to improve your playing is to listen to artist's playing the songs you love and try to imitate it. This is a collection of Scott's favorite tunes played in various styles ranging from slow, lounge style ballads to road house honky-tonk. Some are solo, some are with accompaniment and/or rhythm sections. The lead sheets to every tune played on this recording can be found in the "Scott The Piano Guy's Favorites and Holiday Songs Fakebook" also found in this bundle.

Track Listings:

1. Tangerine
2. Misty
3. Kansas City
4. In a Sentimental Mood
5. Waltz for Debby
6. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
7. God Bless The Child
8. Here There & Everywhere
9. Georgia On My Mind
10. When The Saints Go Marching In

The New Play Piano in a Flash 3 Steps to Piano Success DVD: This 73 minute video teaches how to play like the pros using 3 easy steps.

Beginner's Keyboard Note Guide: This guide fits behind all 88 keys of any piano to clearly shows the note names and the note positions on keyboard.

The Piano Guy Cafe: This CD is a compilation of guest performances from "The Piano Guy" public television series. As we have already mentioned, llistening to good piano playing will help you to play better. This audio CD will make that easy for you whether you are in the house, office or car. Enjoy the sounds of the best piano players around!


1. Someone to watch over me (Jack Widner)
2. Stardust (Bobby Floyd)
3. It Might as Well be Spring (Andy Launer)
4. My Romance (Gary Walters)
5. Can't Help falling in love (Dave Powers)
6. Memory (David Tolley)
7. Ellingthoven (Bradley Sowash)
8. Theme From "Sesame Street" (Nat Kerr)
9. Take me Home Country Roads (Dave Powers)
10. All of Me (Bobby Floyd)
11. Blue Prelude (Jack Widner)
12. A Thousand Miles (David Tolley)
13. Morning Has Broken (Nat Kerr)
14. Simple Gifts (Mary Daniels)
15. Summertime (Bobby Floyd)
16. Misty (Jack Widner)
17. My Favorite Things (Bradley Sowash)
18. Georgia On My Mind (Bobby Floyd)
19. As Time Goes By (Jack Widner)
20. She's Leaving Home (Gary Walters)
21. Help Me Make it Through the Night (Dave Lowe)
22. Wonderful Tonight (Dave Bott)
23. In a Sentimental Mood (Bobby Floyd)
24. Satin Doll (Bradley Sowash)
25. Blue Morgan (Jack Widner)
26. I Thought About You (Bobby Floyd)

To purchase
The Starter Bundle, simply scroll down to the bottom of page and click on the "Buy Now" button.

Here is how Scott suggests you work through the Starter Bundle.

1. Watch the video, The New Play Piano in a Flash, 3 Steps to Piano Success. This video teaches how to play songs using 2 hands in 3 easy steps.

2. Read the best selling book, Play Piano in a Flash at your leisure away from your piano. It is a fun, easy read and will share with you the basic steps to enable you to play a favorite song from a lead sheet with two hands. This book reviews what was taught in the above DVD but delves deeper.

3. Now you are ready to use Scott The Piano Guy Favorites and Holiday Songs Fake Book. Pick one of your all-time-favorite tunes (the one that you have always wanted to play) from Scott's fake book. Simply follow the basic steps for playing a tune from a lead sheet that you learned from the book and DVD you just read and watched in steps 1 & 2. Use the chord diagrams at the top of each page to learn which notes comprise the chords in the tune you are playing. Place the Beginner's Keyboard Note Guide behind the keys on your keyboard. It currently is sized to fit a full sized keyboard (88 keys of any piano) but you can cut it down to fit any size keyboard to clearly shows the note names and the note positions on keyboard.

4. Repeat step 3 a few times to the point that you understand the basic process of getting through a tune.

5. Have fun!

6. When you are ready for more check out Scott's book, Play Piano in a Flash The Next Step.

To purchase the Starter Bundle, simply scroll down to the bottom of page and click on the "Buy Now" button.

I would like to take Online Instruction. Do you offer online instruction?

If you are the type of person who prefers to take online lessons as opposed to working through home study materials on your own, we are now offering a phenomenal online Play Piano in a Flash Class program. You can find out more here:

Click here:

Play Piano in a Flash ONLINE Lessons!


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The Starter Bundle
This bundle is a great way to begin to play the piano "The Piano Guy Way." It contains 6 items that are designed to get you started playing right away at a great price!

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