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Take some private lessons from Scott Houston, the Emmy award winning host of “The Piano Guy” TV series on public television! For less than half the cost of one private lesson, this app is designed to do one thing extremely well - teach you to play the tune 100 Years (by Five for Fighting) like a pro would play it.

Starting at a very beginning level, follow Scott chapter by chapter as he works his way up, teaching you to play the song like you want to sound - like the original recording. Never played before? Don't read music? No problem … Scott will teach you to read the style of notation pros use - Lead Sheets. You will be able to print out copies of the Lead Sheets for this tune for your own use.

Simply place your iPad on the music stand of your piano or keyboard and with Scott’s help you’ll be knocking a lifelong dream of having fun playing piano off your list in hours and days – not weeks and years.

This app is great for beginners as well as more advanced players alike as it allows you to spend as little or as much time needed to get the info in each chapter “under hand” before progressing to the next chapter.

You will be able to see Scott’s hands clearly during the approximately 2 hours total video in all the lessons. You'll also have access to the Lead Sheet (the special style of sheet music pros use), as well as to chord charts for every chord used in the lessons.

The video in this app is delivered through streaming, not embedded in the app. That keeps the app's size very small so it won't take a huge amount of space on your iPad as most video does. For the best quality video, we suggest a WiFi connection as opposed to a slower 3G connection.

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